Monday, September 15, 2008

Friday's Set List 9/26/08

Set 1:
Sleep On (Alison Krauss)
I'll Fly Away (Albert Brumley, like Jars of Clay version)
Finally Home (Mercy Me)
Down in the River to Pray (O, Brother Where Art Thou?)
In the Shelter (Laura Hoseley)
You Did that For Me (Sara Groves)
Titus 2 (Laura Hoseley)
Uncloudy Day (Willie Nelson)
Walk With Me (Spiritual)
I Will (Alison Krauss)
When You Say Nothing at All (Alison Krauss)
Fly (Sara Groves)
Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven (Loretta Lynn)

Set 2:
Along for the Ride (Matraca Berg)
Crazy Love (Van Morrison)
Tomorrow is a Long Time (Bob Dylan covered by Nickel Creek)
When God Dips His Pen (Alison Krauss and the Cox Family)
I'd Choose You Again (Forrester Sisters)
Listen (Laura Hoseley)
In the Palm of Your Hand (Alison Krauss)
Love Alone (Caedmon's Call)
You Alone (Rachel Wilhelm)
God Bless the Broken Road (Rascal Flatts)
Give Me Jesus (Fernando Ortega)
Stay (Little Big Town)

Maybe a few others, thrown in there somewhere!


Jamie said...

Oh sounds exciting! I heart "Love Alone". :)

Jamie said...

ps. 1. Can we see the black & white picture bigger at some point...I want to see you in all your pregnant glory. :)
2. I submit that you record more songs so those of us out here in the east can hear!

Natalie said...

1. yes... we are working on that! for some reason we are having trouble getting the photo to do what we want on here... stay tuned!
2. yes to this as well... we're working on it. we need more gigs so we can pay for studio time! ;)

but video clips from 9/26 will get posted ASAP!

Laura said...

Thanks Jamie for your interest!

R said...

Sounds like a fun set! Wish I could be there!!!